Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Professional Organizer? What Do They Do?

Not sure what’s involved when you hire an organizer? What exactly is a professional organizer, anyway? Professional Organizers in Canada defines an organizer as someone who provides information, products, and assistance to help individuals and businesses achieve their specific organizing needs. A professional organizer offers both consulting as well as hands-on organizing services, giving you the skills and tools you need to banish that awful feeling of being overwhelmed.

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Why Would I Hire an Organizer?

There are many different reasons people hire a professional organizer. Some of the most common motivations for our clients are:

  • Physical and mental clutter is a source of constant stress in their lives
  • Life transition such as a new baby, divorce, children leaving home, illness or changes in mobility, or the loss of a loved one
  • A desire to ease the burden on family or friends
  • Their time and skills are better used for other activities
  • The need to stay focused on the task and avoid becoming overwhelmed
  • Structure and accountability to take the project off the to-do list and get it done
  • Support and guidance, especially in times of big life changes or grief
  • An objective opinion
  • Help to create the most effective plan of action, including where to start and how to best dispose of or re-home items
  • Assistance to uncover and overcome challenges to staying organized

How Does it Work? What’s the Process?

Each client and organizing project is different. Parewell will work with you to assess your needs, goals, and budget to come up with a quote and plan that’s unique to you. We offer a range of organizing solutions from hands-on, whole-home & office organizing, to plans that support do-it-yourself organizing journeys. When new clients come to us, we go through the following steps:

Complimentary Consultation

This is the first step and usually takes place over the phone. We will ask a series of questions about what you are looking to accomplish and about how you live & work in your space. This will help us determine if we are best suited to your needs, and whether or not we’re able and willing to take on the project. We may request photos of your space or stuff to get a better idea of what we discuss.

On-Site Assessment

If we decide to move forward, we’ll likely need to see your space. This will allow us to get a complete picture of the scale and scope of the project and provide you with an accurate quote.  The on-site assessment is a flat rate of $125+ HST, which covers a maximum of two hours. This is where we get into more depth about what we’ll accomplish together and how. Should you decide to proceed with an organizing package, your assessment fee will be credited toward the cost of the package you choose.

Options & Quote

After the assessment, we’ll provide you with a quote for one or more package options. The quote indicates what’s offered in each package – the number of hands-on sessions or check-ins, what supplies or materials are included, and the estimated time of completion.


When you accept a quote, you’ll receive a letter of agreement which outlines both our responsibilities. The agreement will indicate what’s included and the date for our first session. Also included are terms and conditions including payment and cancellation policies. Once you sign the agreement and return it to us with the deposit, we’re ready to get you organized!

How do you charge? by the project or by the hour?

The type of quote offered depends on the individual project. Complex jobs may be undertaken at an hourly rate, while simpler jobs can often be offered a quote for the full project.

Some projects are straightforward and can easily be quoted as a whole. Others involve an abundance of items that require careful consideration, bringing into play such factors as the speed at which the client is able to make decisions, the emotion involved, the amount of sorting that must take place, and other factors.

We know no one likes surprises, so unless we can offer a quote we can stand by, we’ll take the project on at an hourly rate.

How do I know if an organizer is right for me?

As with hiring any professional, you’ll want to consider a few things before you decide on the right person or company:

  • Skills and areas of expertise
  • Personality and communication style
  • Comfort level & rapport
  • Willingness to work with your learning style and challenges
  • Business hours or schedule compatibility
  • What’s included – checklists & support resources, follow-up or check-ins

When you are speaking with an organizer, be honest about your expectations and situation. Be open about past efforts to get organized. Share with them any physical or emotional or challenges you are facing.  By having an honest discussion, you should be able to get a sense of whether or not there is a good fit to work together.

More questions?

Are there questions we didn’t answer? We’d love to hear from you and chat more about the project or goal you have in mind. Feel free to contact us.